Manila Times, 01 Oct 2009. Pages 10 – 11

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Manila Times
01 Oct 2009

NoveList Plus – powered by EBSCOhost

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NoveList Plus – powered by EBSCOhost

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Read about iSkills

There’s a December 2007 Pew study showing that contrary to popular assumptions, it’s the young African American and Latina women who are among the most “wired”…to their cellphones and pdas at least. One option for libraries is to figure out how to get out helpful information on jobs opportunities, small business, healthcare, childcare, and GED via handhelds and mobiles. An RSS feed on these topics sent directly to a patron’s phone every week for example?

See all the Pew articles and studies about mobile technology

Mobile technology as a “game-changer” for health information

Green libraries

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Lake View Terrace Library

Lake View Terrace Library

HowStuffWorks has an article sustainable buildings, and inlcudes the Lake View Terrace Library in California. Key features: energy from wind turbines, a reading room angled to take advantageof natural light, aerated faucets, and a large amount of recycled building content. No word on how they’re doing on paper consumption from all those printers and copiers though…

Budget Hero

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Great , thought provoking activity: try balancing the Federal budget!

You Lose Some, You (sorta) Win Some

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I’ve been following the Bruce Ivins tragedy recently, and was struck by this judicial ruling  that the FBI can search public library computers it seized as part of the anthrax investigation. What I hadn’t realized initially was that the computers were taken without a warrant from the C. Burr Artz Library.

The director, Darrell Batson, was “persuaded to give them access”,  even though the library’s procedure for such requests usually requires a court order. Hmmm. The library system supposedly subscribes to the Library Bill of Rights, (it’s posted on their website anyway). Think maybe the director hasn’t read it?

On the other hand, let’s rejoice that the Batavia Public Library Board voted to keep a link to Planned Parenthood’s Teenwire on its website. Unfortunately, TeenWire was moved from the Young Adult Library Web, where it was very easy to find, (there are only 5 links in the teen health section) to the general Web Reference area, where it competes for attention with 26 other “general health” sites…once you’ve navigated there from the gargantuan “health and medical information” site. Think teens are gonna find it there? I doubt it. Read about it in the Kane County Chronicle.

FeedBook? eBooks on iPhone?

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The TeleReader Blog has some pertinent thoughts on accessing ebooks via the iPhone. This great blog (which is devoted solely to ebook issues) also pointed me to Feedbooks, ” a universal e-reading platform compatible with all mobile devices where you can download thousands of free e-books,publish and share your own content.” Yes, it works with the iPhone as well as Kindle, Sony, and various SmartPhone PDAs! Annndddd (take note Overdrive users) it works with iPods.

Another cool thing about FeedBooks: you can use it to create customized newspapers from RSS feeds and widgets which are then readable on any of the above devices. Click this Feedbooks button to see mine: RSS


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